Black Eagle X-Impact F.O.C.O.S Replacement Outserts

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Black Eagle X-Impact F.O.C.O.S Replacement Outserts
Black Eagle X-Impact F.O.C.O.S Replacement Outserts
Front Of Center Outsert Replacements

Black Eagle's Incredibly Popular New Front Of Center Outsert System is designed for those that want more weight upfront and ease of use of Outserts. The F.O.C.O.S Replacements is made of 2 parts. One is the black anodized 7075 T6 aluminum alloy outsert or Stainless Steel Option. The second part is the 3/32 allen head retention screw that allows for the Outserts to either be screwed or screwed and glued. This system has been tested to over 550 Pounds per square inch of pull and they stay on! If you are looking for maximum penetration, Maximum F.O.C and shot after shot performance then the deadly combination of the Deep Impact, Instinct or X-Impact shafts then the F.O.C.O.S are sure to be a hit! The X-Impact Outsert Replacement Weights are a Follows:

Aluminum Outsert Total Weight
43 Grains +/- a grain depending on OD of arrow.

To install the F.O.C.O.S Replacement Outsert:
  • Remove Old Outsert by loosening set screw
  • Install new Outsert with New Set Screw
  • The Outserts are the same weight as the 3 part F.O.C.O.S system Minus the Post

  • Includes 8 grain set screw
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