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    701 South Missouri Street
    Macon, MO 63552
    Creed Archery Supply Mission
    At Creed Archery Supply, through industry innovation, knowledge and world class customer service, we passionately strive to enrich the lives and the relationships of our employees and customers and their families by promoting and facilitating participation in the sport of archery.

    We're New! But not to archery....
    Introducing Creed Archery Supply, a new shop excited about our goal of offering one of the best and broadest quality target archery and bow hunting gear selections in the country.

    Located in north central Missouri in the town of Macon, the Creed Archery Pro Shop and product distribution warehouse sits within two hours of the home locations for The Crush, Whitetail Freaks, Bill Winke's Midwest Whitetail and the Drury Brothers Missouri farm. We're in the heart of giant deer country!

    We love bow hunting, and we're just as excited about target archery! You'll see that in the selection of products we offer. Some of us have deep roots in competitive archery, including manufacturing gear for that discipline. We're excited about the growth in target archery participation across the world, and are poised to offer our hand in helping to nurture that.

    Archery First, Then Gear!
    As you can see, we're selling online! But, when it comes to archery and the technical nature of it, especially target archery, the need for local archery pro shops that customers trust will never cease. An eCommerce store can supply archery products, but they can’t assemble and configure those products for their customer. Local archery technician experts are required to ensure that archery gear performs to its fullest potential, thereby enhancing the archer’s experience and furthering their participation.

    Understanding this, Creed Archery Supply has future strategies in mind for supporting the local pro shop. We view them as partners, not competitors, in promoting the great sport of archery. Archery participation will grow as the local pro shop is able to initiate that growth.

    People First, Then Archery!
    No retailer can succeed without customers. That's a fact. From our perspective, you're the most important member of the Creed Archery family, and we're devoted to offering world class customer service to the best of our ability. We're new, so expect some bugs, but we promise to forever strive towards this goal. Your satisfaction will always be our number one focus. The right equipment set up correctly ensures you'll continue to cherish archery, whether in the field or on the line.

    With this in mind, Creed Archery Supply is grounded in the principle that employees, their lives and their families are more important than business. Profits will never become more important than people, and will never come at the expense of an employee’s time with their family. Happy employees, excited about the company they work for, with an honest trust for their employer, leads to a sincere care for our customers and their success with archery.

    When we ask our customers if they "would recommend Creed Archery to a friend," we want that answer to be a resounding "Yes!"

    Our Creed
    Our creed, our promise to you as a customer, keeps us focused on our goals.

    You can trust that we'll be transparent with the truth, glad to admit when we're at fault or when we don't know an answer to a question. It's more important to solve a challenge than protect a reputation. Honesty builds reputation.

    The author C.S. Lewis defines integrity as "doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." Strong moral principles are central to our culture, and you can expect that same integrity as we serve you as cherished customers.

    World class customer service means delighting customers every time they interact with the Creed Archery Supply brand, on the website, on the phone, in the pro shop, everywhere. World class customer service is service that customers can trust. We promise to strive towards gaining your trust by placing our customer's satisfaction as our primary goal.

    Give us a try, and give us a chance to win your trust and your business.


    The Creed Archery Supply Family