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    (660) 395-8500

    701 South Missouri Street
    Macon, MO 63552
    The Pro Shop
    Creed Archery Supply, located in Macon, MO is 12,000 square facility featured a fullly stocked, full service archery pro shop, indoor range and distribution center, and a state of the art online store, all servicing the bow hunting and target archery communities.

    Creed Archery features and stocks Mathews, Mission, Bowtech, Diamond, Bear and PSE brand bows, and numerous crossbow brands including Mission, Ravin, PSE, TenPoint and more. We offer full service for all brands of bows and crossbows, and the most complete selection of bow hunting and target archery products in North Central Missouri.

    Bow and Crossbow Service
    From draw weight and draw length adjustments all the way to full bow tuning and cam and limb replacement, we'll help optimize your set up for the best chance at repeatable accuracy and dependability. What sets us apart are a few proprietary tools to accomplish this, including laser based center tuning, AccuSquare left and right tuning and our AccuTuner drawboard for bow issue diagnosis, tuning and testing.

    Our Creed
    Our creed, our promise to you as a customer, keeps us focused on our goals.

    You can trust that we'll be transparent with the truth, glad to admit when we're at fault or when we don't know an answer to a question. It's more important to solve a challenge than protect a reputation. Honesty builds reputation.

    The author C.S. Lewis defines integrity as "doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." Strong moral principles are central to our culture, and you can expect that same integrity as we serve you as cherished customers.

    World class customer service means delighting customers every time they interact with the Creed Archery Supply brand, on the website, on the phone, in the pro shop, everywhere. World class customer service is service that customers can trust. We promise to strive towards gaining your trust by placing our customer's satisfaction as our primary goal.