Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how this website, operated by Creed Archery Supply, Inc. (hereafter "Creed Archery"), collects, uses and protects any personal information (herafter "personal identifiable information" or "PPI") that our website users and customers share or Creed Archery otherwise collects during and through the use of (hereafter "the website"). Note that when customer or user information is requested by Creed Archery, that information data is handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

PPI refers to information or data that specifically identifies an individual, and may include information such as name, postal address, email address and phone numbers as examples.

From time to time, this privacy policy may be updated when changes are made to it concerning the use of PPI. At such times, an email will be distributed to users and customers that have registered to receive the Creed Archery newsletter. If you are not registered to receive the newsletter, please be sure to check this privacy policy published here on the website, on a regular basis for changes. Please note that your use of the website constitutes your consent to any changes that have been made to the privacy policy.

When you review this privacy policy, if you have questions or concerns regarding it, please contact us at or by postal mail at the following address:

Creed Archery Supply
Customer Privacy Department
701 South Missouri Street
Macon, MO 63552

Secure, Encrypted Data
Data passed to and from the website servers is securely encrypted and protected though the use of SSL (secure sockets layer) technology, and an active SSL server certificate provided by Let's Encrypt . The servers themselves are secured and protected by a third party website hosting facility serviced by DigitalOcean. To learn more about DigitalOcean's security systems and protocols, please click here.

Information Creed Archery May Collect
Customers and users that visit, contact Creed Archery by phone or email or otherwise contact Creed Archery, may be asked to provide information that enables Creed Archery to provide products and/or services as requested. This requested information may include:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Card Number and Card Details (expiration date, cvv number)
  • Other payment related information

In other cases within customer or user interactions with or with Creed Archery, further information may be recorded and stored. For example, if a customer or user subscribes or un-subscribes to the Creed Archery email newsletter, a record of that action is stored. When a gift certificate or gift card is purchased by a Customer as a gift, the information provided for the recipient of that gift, which may include name, a message and shipping information for the recipient, is recorded as part of that transaction.

Online Information Collection
When a customer or user visits, technical information may be collected and stored using common Internet based technologies such as cookies, JavaScript or other technology tags and server log files, as examples. Information such as the customer or user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser information (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), operating system, device type (desktop, mobile phone, etc.), date and time of the visit and the web pages visited represent examples of what may be collected. Creed Archery uses this collected data to further personalize and enhance the functionality of and in some cases, for individualized online marketing.

The term "cookie" from an Internet technology definition is a small file containing text that, when an individual visits a website, is saved (also know as "served") on their computer hard drive. This is accomplished by the web browser that the individual is using. A cookie does not identify an individual specifically, but instead identifies the digital device being used to access the website (e.g. computer, tablet, phone). Cookies served from never contain PII for individuals.

There are various kinds of cookies, including:

1st Party Cookies - Served specifically by the website that is being visited.

3rd Party Cookies - Served by a 3rd party affiliated with the website being vised, typically by an advertising agency or website reporting tool.

First and third party cookies can also hold the following characteristics:

Session Cookies - Cookies that store information and are utilized by the website only while the user is visiting the website.

Persistent Cookies - Cookies that remain stored on the website user's digital device, and are available for use upon their next visit to that website.

Session cookies are most typically utilized to observe a visitor's navigation throughout a website, are in turn used by the website to enrich the website user's shopping experience, personalize the content delivered on the website and collect pertinent information for use in personalized Internet advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

Persistent cookies are utilized to enhance the user experience for a website across returning visits. One typical use for persistent cookies would be for saving a shopping cart across visitor sessions or visits to the website. Whereas a session cookie would be deleted when a browser session associated with a website ends, a persistent cookie would remain in place, and would allow the website to restore the items in a previously assembled shopping cart when the visitor returns again.

Although website visitors do have the option to disable the ability to save website cookies on their computer, within the web browser settings, to fully utilize the website, including its shopping cart and checkout process, cookies must be enabled.

Website Reporting/Analytics
In order to better understand how visitors use, navigate and understand the website, Creed Archery utilizes third party website analytics software, such as Google Analytics. Website analytics software automatically collects information during a website visitor's browsing session, including information such as the IP address of the visitor's digital device, the web address of pages visited during the session, order and order conversion data and other information that Creed Archery may use to improve and enhance the website functionality, usability and content. The website analytics software may serve 3rd party cookies or utilize previously served persistent cookies as it collects data. This data is stored on the servers where the website analytics software resides. Creed Archery specifically utilizes Google Analytics.

Google Analytics does not store individually identifiable PII, and Creed Archery does not share customer or user PII with Google Analytics. But, since Google Analytics does store visitor data, they do operate under a Privacy Policy as well. You can review and learn more about how Google Analytics stores and protects data by clicking here.

How Creed Archery Utilizes Collected Information
The information and data collected by and Creed Archery is utilized to fulfill orders and/or services requested by our customers and website visitors, and provide a status as needed regarding requested orders and services. This information may also be used to provide information to our customers and vistors that Creed Archery believes will be of interest, through both inderect and direct marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns may be in the form of email communications, postal mail communications and digital based marketing, as examples.

In the event that a phone number has been provided, Creed Archery may contact you in regards to orders you have placed, services or answers to questions you may have requested. In the case where a cellular phone number is provided, and permission has been granted by the indvidual provider, text message communications may be utilized for similar types of communications.

Options Regarding the Information Creed Archery Collects
With respect to the information that and Creed Archery may collect, you absolutely have options to express how that information and data should be used, and even in some cases collected.

In order to service customer orders, information in respect to that order must be collected, and for the purpose of records must be stored.

By either sending an email message, calling or writing to Creed Archery, you may request to be removed from the following services:

  • Email marketing newsletters and/or general email communications. You may also opt out of email communications by clicking the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of email communications. Note that if an email is provided as part of an order, email communications will be provided regarding the progress of fulfilling that order.
  • Postal mailings from Creed Archery. Please provide the exact name, postal address, city and state.
  • Phone communications, including both voice and text.

You may also opt out of data being collected during visits to by Google Analytics, but installing the Google Analytics browser extension. Please click here for more information and to obtain the browser extension.

If you created and maintain an account at, you can log in and manage much of the information stored by and Creed Archery, there.

Creed Archery Privacy Policy Changes
Creed Archery reserves the right to make changes as needed to this Privacy Policy, to accurately represent changes to how it collects, stores and utilizes collected data and information. If and when such changes are made, Creed Archery will provide notification at the top of this privacy policy, with a summary of what has been changed, by email to customers and website users if available and in some cases via the footer area of the home page. Please take the time to review this privacy policy on a regular basis.

Children and Collected PPI
In accordance with federal law, and Creed Archery do not knowingly collect information or data from children under the age of 13, without the verified permission of the child's parent or guardian. If Creed Archery is made aware of an instance where information was collected from a child under the age of 13 without an overseeing adult's consent, the information will not be used for any reason or intent other than when neccesary to ensure the safety of the child as required by legal authorities and the law. Creed Archery will otherwise make every effort to delete all such information and data from and Creed Archery information storage systems.

Contacting Creed Archery
If you have any questions in regards to this privacy policy, or in regards to any other aspects with respect to collecting customer and visitor information and data, please feel free to contact us at:

Creed Archery Supply, Inc.
Customer Privacy Department
701 South Missouri Street
Macon, MO 63552