Shrewd Optum 29 mm Ring System

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Shrewd Optum 29 mm Ring System
Shrewd Optum 29 mm Ring System
The Optum Ring System is the backbone of the Optum system and enables quick and easy configuration of the scope. Keep an ORS ready for 3D, field, and indoor with different fiber sizes and colors and swap between them in seconds.

  • Exterior fiber wrap with fiber bypass to allow fiber to wrap completely around the ring system for maximum light collection.
  • Adjustable fiber cover allows precise control over fiber brightness.
  • Two 8-32 holes for installing a light in seconds.
  • Eight pin positions.
  • Threaded on the target side for optional sunshades and lenses.
  • All 29mm sunshades will thread into the ORS.
  • Must be used with the Optum Scope.

  • Optum ring body
  • Fiber cover (installed)
  • Pin and fiber (not included with the "no pin" option)
  • Blue, orange, and green fiber included
  • 2 mounting screws
  • Fiber retaining set screw (installed)