Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer

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Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer
Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer - First Lite Specter Mathews Bridge-Lok Stabilizer - Green Ambush Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer - Granite Mathews Bridge-Lok Stabilizer - UA Forest All Season Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer - Realtree Edge Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer - Optifade Elevated II Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer - Optifade Subalpine Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer
The Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer takes stabilizer adjustability well past the single stabilizer, single length state. Available in three starting lengths, including 8", 10" and 12", these new stabilizers as a front stabilizer integrate directly into the bow's riser, and are indexed as and adjust in 1/2" increments. The Bridge-Lock Stabilizers are built with an ultra-stiff aluminum bar that promotes a more rigid connection directly tied to the riser itself. The in and out adjustability enables you to find just the right length to provide the perfect balance point, front and back.

The integrated Bridge-Lock knob makes for easy adjustment, quick disconnect for travel and storage, and the ability to quickly return the stabilizer to your previous adjustment when re-attached.

The Bridge-Lock stabilizer utilizes the Mathews Inner Link Weight Technology, featuring weights that stack together forward seamlessly, without the need for a threaded stud and threaded weights. Just stack, test, adjust and then lock the weights in tight with a single set screw found in the stabilizer nose. Coupled with the adjustable length, this new stabilizer weight system offers the ultimate in flexibility in fine tuning the dampening and balance properties specific to your Mathews rig.

Since the newer series Mathews bows tend to be top heavy forward, adding the Mathews Bridge-Lock Adjustable V-Bar Mount (built to high quality standards by Shrewd Archery for Mathews) to receive the Bridge-Lock Stabilizer as an added back bar makes floating your bow front to back and left to right simple. Enjoy the same adjustable length and front weights as a front bar for the same flexible adjustability.

All in all, the Bridge-Lock stabilizer system offers the ultimate to date in the ability to stabilize a Mathews bow for a platform that's dependable shot after shot.

The Bridge-Lock stabilizer is compatible with the Mathews Phase4 and VX3 compound bows.

Available eight different finishes, including Black, Granite, Realtree Edge, Green Ambush, Forest All Season, First Lite Specter, Optifade Elevated II and Optifade Sub-Alpine. Make your stabilizer yours with an added dampener ring in one of seven colors (blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red or yellow).