Easton Halcyon Stabilizer Side Rods

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Easton Halcyon Stabilizer Side Rods
Easton Halcyon Stabilizer Side Rods Easton Halcyon Stabilizer Side Rods
The Easton Halcyon Stabilizer is the smallest diameter carbon stabilizer that Easton has every offered. Halcyon™ features 360º Windcutter™ technology for the steadiest possible hold.

Engineered for use on either compound or recurve bows, The Easton Halcyon system features the greatest stiffness-to-diameter performance Easton has every produced. Featured a wind beating super slim 14.7 mm diameter, light mass weight, efficient vibration control and extreme stiffness, the Halcyon Stabilizer provides an ideal aiming solution for a steady hold and shot after shot consistency.

The Halcyon's narrow diameter promotes a steady hold in gusty winds for outdoor archery, while the enhanced stiffness means less float when aiming and more consistent inertial stability during arrow launch.

The Halcyon system is compatible with either 1/4-20 or 5/16-24 weight systems enabled with an included weight adapter.

Halcyon stabilizer side rods are available in 10" (2.7 oz. / 76.5 grams), 12" (3 oz. / 88.3 grams) and 15" (3.4 oz. / 96.6 grams) lengths.

Stabilizer weights not included.