Lizard Skins Bat / Bow Grip Tape

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Lizard Skins Bat / Bow Grip Tape
Lizard Skins Bat / Bow Grip Tape
Lizard Skins bow grip tape accomplishes a number of things for your bow.

First, it provides a soft and confident grip on your bow handle, and although it's not sticky, it feels like the bow sticks to your hand after releasing an arrow. With Lizard Skins, your bow becomes slip resistant when it's dry and in the rain.

Along with a comfortable grip, Lizard Skins wraps help to dampen vibration during the shot, contributing with other dampening gear on your bow to quiet the shot and promte stealth.

Lizard Skins applied to a bow handle also help to insulate between your hand and an cold aluminum riser, when hunting in cold weather.

Includes 39" of Lizard Skins wrap and a 5" finishing wrap.