TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Bow Quiver

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TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Bow Quiver
TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Bow Quiver TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Bow Quiver
The TightSpot Rise 5-Arrow quiver is geared directly toward the treestand hunter. The RISE comes with a loop on the hood to easily hang the quiver in the tree, and is four inches shorter than the original, which makes for a more compact and maneuverable design.

The RISE also comes standard with a secondary gripper. This gripper is attached to the carbon rods near the hood and allows the user to secure their arrow in two places while the tip of the arrow is covered inside the hood. This allows the broadheads to float in the hood without touching anything, which ensures sharp fixed blade heads or expandable broadheads that are ready to go.

Virtually Unbreakable Hood
Made of a new space-age polymer, the hood on a TightSpot is so amazingly strong, you can drive over it with your truck!

Keeps Broadheads Covered
The TightSpot hood is extra deep, so razor-sharp blades are not exposed.

Expandable Broadheads Stay Closed
Expandables tend to open when you bury them in foam. In a TightSpot, only the tip of the broadhead contacts the insert. This means no dull blades or accidentally opened expandables, and an insert that outlasts foam 10 to 1!

Lipped Insert Covers the Hood Edge
A lipped insert covers the edge of the hood to silence any accidental contact with a broadhead or arrow.

One-Handed Removal
A simple lift of the QuickLock cam disengages the TightSpot quiver from the dovetail base, allowing you to quickly remove the quiver or adjust its position with just one hand. No need to grab the hood and risk a sliced finger!

TailFan Design Means Vanes Won't Vibrate Together
TailFan design fans the arrows so the vanes won’t touch and make noise.

Quick Draw System Keeps Your #1 Arrow Ready
The arrow gripper nearest you faces back at you instead of off to the side like other grippers, meaning less conspicuous lateral movement when pulling another arrow.

Optional Bracket for Use with Moveable Sights
Because it tucks in so tight, TightSpot may get in the way of some moveable sights. An optional bracket solves this problem by placing the quiver behind and above the sight, giving you full access without compromising adjustability.